Getting Bills Paid on Time While Screening Out the Waste…

Most organizations automatically pay bills unless they jump more than 20% from the previous month. Good rule of thumb, but what about the ‘creepers’ – bills that slowly grow each month over a number of months? Or what about the bill that was already out of whack more than 20% to start with?

Research proves a typical organization wastes somewhere between 7-15% in network costs from billing errors. It’s not that making sense of the bill validation and approval is particularly difficult or costly, it’s just that no one really wants to do it – it’s tedious. So how can organizations effectively process bills paid on time without the waste?

A&I puts everything into a common framework both IT/Telecom and Accounts Payable understand. Then we normalize the bills by identifying what belongs and doesn’t. This promotes greater communication that shortens the approval process, helps AP screen problem invoices while taking unnecessary delays out of the process.

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