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Regardless of current economic conditions, you are always scrutinizing what your organization spends.  You check and re-check data, understanding that high-performance requires persistent effort in all areas of financial performance.

A&I’s business model is a perfect fit for these economic times because we work from client knowledge that goes right to the bottom line – every dollar saved is pure profit. Understanding the technical value and implications of IT and Telecommunications costs can be a real challenge for financial professionals who don't devote their careers to bits and bytes. Our expertise in the gap between finance and technology helps us increase technology value by minimizing CAPEX and OPEX.

Our work continues to deliver value each month as we uncover more savings that build throughout the year. Fixing problems and saving money is great, but never having the problem in the first place is far better. Persistent effort is required to keep costs low. We provide the mission critical data and the nice-to-have trends and analysis at the same time. So when the economic mood turns to growth, you will already be in stride.

We’ve noticed financial titles struggle with these items, as they don’t always fit neatly into telecom/IT budgets

Wireless Management:

As organizations adjust their mission, employees leave and change responsibilities. This leads to headaches in tracking wireless devices and accounts. A&I has a process to ensure the services match the users and keep costs to their minimum.


Travel has been cut, so people turn to alternatives such as web and audio conferencing. Unfortunately, good intentions are not enough. A&I helps clients manage these bills that can quickly swell to significant portions of your budget.

Free IT/Telecom evaluation – what could it hurt?

Look to A&I as many of our clients do: someone who’s got this covered for them. Communications Services is one of the fastest and easiest places to reduce cost. Call us for a free 30-minute evaluation of your situation. With this small investment of your time, you’ll know if we can help.

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