Aligning IT With Your Business…

Wouldn’t your job be much more enjoyable if instead of fixing technical problems or reducing costs your time was spent working on technology issues that actually solve business issues? At A&I, we understand that IT is a means to an end: Increasing organizational productivity and thereby enhancing your competitive position.

Our team can help your team - both tactically and strategically. By putting key information at your fingertips, we make your resources more valuable and shorten their response time. By providing insightful analysis of data on current conditions, we allow you to make most informed decisions possible.

Let us carry some of the load by helping you plan and manage all areas of communications services.

Here are some examples of how we can make your job easier:

  • Catalog vital information making it easy to find and audit.

  • Negotiate favorable contracts, then help everyone from the Service Desk to the Architect to Accounts Payable understand them.

  • Ensure your vendors are in tune with your needs and investigate billing problems and assist in recovery settlements.

  • Forecast budget impacts from office changes, rolling out a new technology, and promote responsible use of mobile technology.

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Give us 30 minutes to sit down with your internal team and discuss your organizations' pain points. Often enough this is all we need to determine the best approach for your continued savings and ease of mind.

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