About A&I…


Most closely defined as a Telecommunications Expense Management (TEM) company, A&I is a consulting firm that specializes in expense planning and management for communications services. We believe the distinction is a sustainable savings model compared to a project-driven approach.


A&I has two main objectives:
  1. Proactive expense management
  2. More informed technology decisions for its clients


Our business is based on information that both quantifies and describes how a company consumes its technology – specifically through its various networks; landline voice, data, IP and wireless. We believe there is great value in customer and billing records as a data source that can reveal user behavior, trends, and patterns that assist IT organizations in making more informed technology decisions.


  • Compensation: A&I is a fee-based service that bills hourly rates for consultant and associate-level work. Any savings clients realize are free of any contingency or commission.

  • Value: A&I is judged and retained solely on its performance on a monthly basis rather than through contractual obligations

  • Approach: A&I focuses on a sustainable cost savings model rather than short term gains that will leave problems unresolved

  • Methods: A&I employs quality management principles in its methods and processes that adds value to client resources

  • Objectivity: A&I can offer true value to the client because there is no conflict of interest as a result of being an agent, representative, or has allegiance to any service provider, technology, or solution including hardware and software

  • Coverage: A&I client support currently covers the U.S. marketplace including Puerto Rico, Canada and its territories. A&I has effectively managed clients across the country for over 5 years.


  1. Recovery and Reduction of Expenses
  2. Managing and Coordinating Projects
  3. Process Development and Enhancement
  4. Resource Augmentation & Training