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How Productive is it to “Beat Up on the Vendor”?
October 13TH, 2009

Recently, Bob Smith of A&I posted this question to three LinkedIn discussion groups. IT vendors and consultants were, not surprisingly, pretty sensitive to the words "beat up on the vendor". Based on the number of IT customers who commented, it would appear they were much more hesitant to voice their opinion which could be attributed to any number of reasons.
IT customers, especially in telecom are generally unhappy with their vendors; some don’t acknowledge it though. This happens because few customers share what’s really happening in their business and just assume the level of service the vendor delivers is the level to be expected. But this should not be laid completely at the feet of the vendor. Customer/vendor relationships can be positive and mutually beneficial but not without work.
This piece will separate myth from fact on customers who believe they can “bully” their vendors into submission, and how a productive business relationship can be achieved – really.

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