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Listen Up! Valuable Resources in Podcasts and iTunes U
MARCH, 2010

There's plenty of information out there regarding technology; much of it a bit slanted. Experts abound with billions spent to influence your IT decisions. How helpful is all this for the business consumer? It's hard to say, but something new and not part of any marketing campaign should be refreshing change.

image compOur March newsletter deals with podcasts that can serve both you and your business. iTunes U, if you aren't familiar, is a separate series of podcasts that are a collection of lectures from the best business management schools both in the U.S. and the world. Not a bad resource to pull from and they're even free.

Here, we've cited three good ones you should definitely give a listen to. Podcasting offers a nice experience for the busy executive with a bit of a commute. Each one touches a key area for the CIO, the CFO, and the VP title responsible for IT budgets and decisions. The podcast discussed within our latest blog post are:

  • Evidence-based Decision Making, Dr. Jeffrey Pfeffer, PhD, Stanford
  • Winners Don't Take All, Margaret A. Neale, Stanford
  • AT&T's iPhone Problem - Bloomberg BusinessWeek Behind the Headlines interview

Visit our blog for an outline on each along with how to access them. Enjoy!

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